Scholars Academy is a unique Montessori Resource Center offering an innovative approach to education. Child-oriented pedagogy focuses on independent learning and nurtures leaders and change-makers. 

The Montessori environments are scientifically prepared to meet the needs of the child. The prepared environment and trained adults enable each child to develop him or herself according to his or her inner needs or fitrath.

Children learn Languages (English, Arabic and Tamil), Mathematics, Geometry, Science, Art, and geography while developing interpersonal skills, respectful behaviour, and independence. Arabic & Islamic Studies are integrated into the regular Montessori method.

Scholars Academy provides freedom of choice in mixed-age group environments to enable children to learn how to make responsible choices in their path of learning.

Scholars Academy is committed to providing a modern, child-friendly, non-pressured learning environment. The school believes that such an environment is essential for a child to love learning for a lifetime.