Montessori Elementary

Scholars Academy is one of the few schools in India which uses the internationally acclaimed Elementary Montessori methodology. This method of teaching is globally acknowledged as superior to regular classroom teaching. Elementary Montessori is designed as a curriculum for children from ages 6 to 12 years. The curriculum covers language, mathematics, geometry, history, science & Islamic Studies. It is hinged on the fact that a child in these years is now thinking big thoughts. He wants to know the reason, the cause for everything - how did the universe come into being, what is death, why is the noun essential - the "How, why, what" for everything. The curriculum must be designed to feed this voracious mind. In Elementary Montessori, a child is the leader, a teacher is the facilitator. Instead of teacher-driven learning, fixed class periods, homework, tests and textbooks, a child is given presentations, encouraged to work with the material, allowed to browse books, taught to do research, helped to create his answers, taught to do experiments, express his thoughts and encouraged to ask further questions. 

The Elementary system of teaching is "brain compatible" in that it allows a child to take  responsibility for his education, to be engaged as long as his interest holds him, and encourages repetition if the child wants. The classroom is not limited to an indoor one. Lots of work happens outdoors - walks, painting, gardening etc. Children are encouraged to organize their own field trips to areas of their interest. The Elementary Montessori method is blended with other curricula in certain areas.